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Nowadays, a lot of businesses are relying on their online presence to connect with their target audience. If you are a business owner and you are planning to hire a company that creates and designs a website, you came to the right place. Here at Agile Development, we will be sharing a blog post regarding the important features to consider when constructing a website. If you want to know more information, we encourage you to keep reading below to find out more information. 

Online marketing is an effective way to bring in traffic and encourage your audience to buy your product or avail of your services. A website is where you can show your audience your brand so they will know more about you and your company. 

Check out below the different features you must consider when building a website. 

Services landing pages

A website must contain a service landing page so you can introduce the different services that you offer to your clients. You can share your company’s skills and services through this page and it can also improve your search engine optimization. 

You must aim at having specific service pages for each major service or product that you provide. You can provide an in-depth explanation of what you do and what you can offer your clients. 

For example, you are a construction company and one of the major services that you provide is kitchen remodeling. You can create a service landing page for the kitchen remodeling service. A blog post can be provided about the pros and cons of different cabinets for the kitchen. You can also provide a blog post regarding remodeling a bathroom and the different plans and decisions that you can provide your clients for them to achieve the best results.                                                                                                                                          

What are the different features that you can include on the service landing page?

  • List your advantage over others – Let your audience know why you are the best choice compared to your competitors. 
  • List the sub-services that your company offers – You can include the different benefits of working with you.
  • List frequently asked questions – You can list a few questions along with the answers that potential and new clients would want to ask from you so they can decide whether to work with you or not. This can cement the users’ decision whether they will choose to work with you or move on to someone else. 
  • Provide a link to other pages – This is where you place links to other pages that are related to the services that you provide. You can also add a link to your portfolio focusing on the services that you provide.

Your service landing page can be your way of attracting potential clients. You must provide the details regarding your expertise so you can improve your sales and increase conversion and make them into leads. 

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Location landing pages

Location pages or geolocation will help you target clients who are located within the area that you work with. You can promote the area and share your knowledge which can be beneficial to the local SEO writing. The location landing pages that you provide on your website must be focused on the user experience to help your clients accordingly. An effective location page must be helpful as much as possible at the same time providing information that describes the community. 

What are the different features to include in your location landing pages?

  • Include a geo-page for each location – It must be location-specific. It must include a reliable source of information for each location. 
  • Create and share content specific to that area – Each page that you include must be specific to that area. 
  • Provide an overview of your business’ location – You can provide landmarks or important information about the geographic area where the office is located so your clients can easily locate your office and help you rank high in the local searches of your area in the search engine. 
  • You can include an integrated map – This can help your clients to know where they are going and locate your company or shop easily. 
  • You can include photos of the location – This can help them recognize the area and build trust with the audience. You can place photos of the nearest landmark so they can easily identify the area. 

An About Us page

The about us landing page is important because on this page you can share information about your company. This page can include the history of the company or business as well as the values and beliefs of the company. 

Keep in mind that the About Us page must be appealing. Most clients nowadays are focused and attracted to the brands they feel they can have a connection with. It will provide you with a great opportunity to share your brand without offering anything to them. The About Us page may vary from one company to another, so make sure to create one that is unique and will catch the attention of your viewers. 

When creating the about us page make sure to consider the following features:

  • History and anecdotes about the company – This will show your clients that your company is reliable and experienced.
  • Avoid using jargon words – You may think that using jargon words on the About Us page can make you look smart, but it can confuse your clients and even turn some away. 

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Contact request page

This page will allow your clients to send you a message or even ask specific questions. This is the website feature where you will be asked about the services you offer. Providing complete details on this page will attract the type of clients you prefer working with. You can also provide different sets of questions and depending on their answers they will be sent to a separate page where they can set an appointment with you or contact you by calling your number. 

Here are examples of questions a construction website can ask:

  • What type of construction do they prefer?
  • What is the size of the home?
  • What is their estimated schedule for the renovation?
  • Where is their home located?
  • What is their budget?
  • Ask them to provide brief information about their project.

This page can be an initial consultation page where you will provide answers to your potential clients and even encourage them to have a consultation or appointment with you. During this stage, you can ask them about their requirements while building a professional relationship with your future clients. 

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Portfolio page

This page will allow you to show your work to your clients. You must compile your previous projects and choose the best ones that represent your company. You must make sure that the photos are matched to the type of work you are offering, it should be presented properly because it can make or break you. Low-quality photos and videos can discourage a potential client from being converted into a lead. 

You must document your work from start to finish because it can be difficult to go back to a previous client after you finished the build or remodel project. 

You can set a portfolio page to display your wide range of experience, skills, and expertise to your potential clients. It provides a visual presentation of your abilities which can be seen by your potential clients. If you present them with impressive photos of your great work, they can speak for themselves; you don’t have to explain anything to them. 

You must remember to apply SEO on this page, do not forget to use keywords, optimize URLs, avoid using jargon words, and be direct. The portfolio page will provide a great chance to allow your website visitors to see your work. 

What are the tips to consider when working on your portfolio?

  • To convert potential users you must use photos and videos that are clear and bright. 
  • Remove any clutter.
  • If the shot is outdoors, make sure to make the area presentable. You must remove any unwanted items or equipment as well as trash. 
  • Try to create a photo or video that perfectly represents your abilities, if you think it is not a good representation of your work, so you must not post it. You must be honest with your potential clients, and avoid overhyping your audience because it might cause them to be disappointed with you. 
  • You must document the whole process, from start to finish. This way you can convert your portfolio into case studies, where you can reference them for future use. 
  • Capture candid shots and avoid staging them. Candid shots show the rawness of the setting and allow you to be honest with your potential clients. 
  • Capture the different angles and choose the best ones. You can try shooting from above, below, or the side. You must show important details so everyone can appreciate the shot. 

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