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With the continuous growth of business with the use of online visibility, as a business owner, how do you plan on making sure that your target audience or potential clients will find your business? Business owners nowadays know the importance of having an online presence where everyone all around the world can find your company simply by going online and looking up their specific needs. Here at Agile Development, we will be sharing with you the top seven Google ranking factors to consider when ranking your website. If you are interested and you want to know more information, make sure to keep scrolling below to find out. 

You must work on building up and improving your website’s organic ranking. A strong presence on organic search engine results pages is important for your website. You can increase your website’s visibility, which can help your business attract more clients and increase revenue results. 

While search engines may operate differently because of their ever-changing rules, you can do a lot to increase your website’s chances to appear in organic search results. This is where SEO optimization comes into the picture. It is about coordinating your website with Google’s different ranking factors. 

What Are Ranking Factors?

SEO or search engine optimization is the process of optimizing your website so that it can rank better on organic search engine results pages, or SERPs. The ranking factors that will be discussed in this article can help you improve your website’s ranking in the Google search engine results. 

What Are the Different Types of Google Ranking Factors?

  • Off-page ranking factors: These types of ranking factors are measured by Google anywhere outside your website. This usually involves backlinks. 
  • On-page ranking factors: These types of ranking factors include the keywords and information quality of your different website pages. 
  • Technical ranking factors: These types of ranking factors are measured inside your website and focuses on the overall performance of your website as a whole. 

Important note: You must keep in mind that you should not focus on a single ranking factor only; you must consider using a combination of the different ranking factors and make sure that they work together so you can have an SEO-friendly website. 

What Are the Ranking Factors to Consider to Improve your Site’s Ranking On Search Engines?

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Website and Page Speed

The website must be quick to load as it is an important factor of technical SEO. Make sure to check your website to determine its load speed. A website that is slow to load can keep your clients and potential customers from visiting and staying on your website. The bounce rates may increase, which can affect your overall ranking on Google’s search engine.

Page and website speed is an important ranking factor, so make sure to consider this when you are auditing your website so you can improve its SEO. You can use tools to check your website speed; the most common ones are Google PageSpeed Insights and GTmetrix. They are both free, easy to use, and can provide important information about your website’s speed so you can improve your ranking. 

Mobile-Friendly Website 

Google is known for using mobile-first indexing when checking websites. The search engine uses a mobile version of the website to evaluate it. So even if the desktop version of a website is perfect, it will affect the ranking of your website if it is not optimized for mobile. You should always check your web pages with the use of different devices to make sure that they are accessible. The content management systems have features that allow you to check everything before you publish a page. You can also use Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test, which is a free mobile usability testing tool that will provide you with details that you need to improve if your website is not mobile optimized. 

Meta Description

The meta description is an important aspect to consider as it is the short description found in the HTML code of your website page and is displayed in search results. Google sometimes uses the meta description to pull a featured results snippet. It can either increase the click rate or your website hits as it allows the users to learn more information about your page. Keep in mind to include it as a part of your SEO checklist and make sure that it correctly sums up the content of your web page. It should be made up of 160 characters or less because Google only shows a snippet of it during search results. 

Internal Links

Search engines function by indexing and crawling the different content of your website. They also check internal links as a signal to help them analyze and properly index this type of information. The internal links are any hyperlink of an internal page on your website. You must sort out your internal links so that it will be simple for the search engines to find what they are searching for. You must keep in mind what pages you are linking every time you create a web page or upload new content. 

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One useful method of organizing your internal links is by making topic clusters and creating content based on them and keep interlinking within the said topic cluster. This will help search engines understand and index your content easily. Creating topic clusters can also benefit your clients so that they can have a great user experience whenever they visit your website. This allows them to navigate your website easier and can help increase conversion accordingly. Keep in mind that SEO prefers properly organized and functional websites. You should make sure to perform routine maintenance checkups for your website to check for bugs or errors. 

Keyword Targeting

If you want to focus on an effective SEO strategy for your website, you must work on targeting keywords for your content. Users and potential clients use keywords to search the World Wide Web for whatever they need. Before working on your website’s content page, you must conduct keyword research. 

According to a survey done by Directive, around 78% of marketers found out that keyword research has a big role in driving new traffic on their websites. Researching keywords allows you to know better what your target audience is searching for so you can focus and create your content based on the keywords that they use. 

When you are ready to create content for your website you must first determine around 4-5 keywords that you want to focus on. You can incorporate the following keywords into your articles and include them in on-page elements. You must write naturally as search engines can recognize that you are trying to fit keywords into your content for SEO matters. This method should be avoided as it is known as keyword stuffing and your website can be penalized for doing it.

Always remember that when creating content for your website, you must never compromise its quality just because you want to have a high ranking in the Google search engine. Producing quality content is important for Google, so make sure to produce articles for your website that caters to your target audience and make sure they can easily understand it. 

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Quality Information

Keep in mind that content loses its value after some time. Google search trends change from time to time. The keywords that your clients have used to find your content before may have changed, so you must make sure to update your content to stay relevant as it can help your overall ranking. You should always write new content and update any outdated web pages with new keywords and information so you can stay relevant. 

You can start by checking your website’s content and choose those that used to perform well and update them with relevant keywords. If there are articles that need to be rewritten, you must do so. Some content may just need to be updated to make them relevant again. If your website is older you must review your previous articles and make the necessary changes.


A backlink is a hyperlink that comes from any source outside your website. Google uses the PageRank algorithm which checks the number and quality of links to a web page and will determine if it is an effective indicator of its quality. 

So how do you get effective backlinks? Check out the different strategies to consider when using backlinks for your web page. 

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Cold Outreach

One of the backlinking strategies you can use is cold outreach. This is done by searching related content and pitching your content to the author so they can provide you with a link. You must keep in mind that not everyone you contact will respond to your request. So keep on trying until you get a response from an author. 

Guest Posts

One method that you can use to build backlinks on your website is guest blogging on some publications. A guest post allows you to establish your expertise, which also allows you to build links back to your website. You must source high-quality and original content from reliable domains that will help your target audience and clients with their needs. Make sure to create content that will catch your customer’s attention because if not you will just be wasting your time if no one will visit the content that you have written. 

Quality Content

Another effective backlinking strategy you must consider is creating quality content. If your content is unique and provides information to your target audience, it will be able to generate backlinks without you doing any effort. If your website has a lot of links pointing back to it, it will show Google that you are providing quality content and this will help with your ranking in the search engines. 

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