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Working with a website developer offers a lot of advantages especially for business owners. They can enjoy greater flexibility over the appearance and functionality of their website. If you have a web developer working with you, you do not have to worry if the website function properly and you can cut down on your workload and focus on other important tasks that need to be done.

If you are creating a website, updating, upgrading, or just maintaining it, a website developer can help you with the work so you can save time and effort and they will make sure that your website works properly. All the issues that will be encountered will be dealt with accordingly. If you are searching for a web developer, you came to the right place. Here at Agile Development, we will be sharing with you an article discussing how to hire the right web developer for your website. If you think this article is for you, make sure to keep reading below. 

What kind of developer do you need?

A website developer can help you if you need someone who specializes in web functionalities. 

  • Front end – This is the visible part of the website. It is the part of the website where the user interacts with whenever they visit your website. It is also known as the client-side.
  • Back end – The back end is the part where you upload your website’s content, perform website updates, check security aspects, etc. It is also known as the server-side.

Both parts are important for the functioning of the website to be smooth and with no issues. They are built using different programming languages so most of the time, a website developer specializes in one or the other. Before you choose a web developer to work on your website, you must decide if you need help with front-end, back-end, or both. 

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Some back-end website developers usually describe themselves by the programming language they focus or specialize in, such as PHP developer or Ruby developer. A PHP developer is someone that specializes in designing, testing, and working on software using the PHP programming language. A Ruby developer is someone that specializes in backend software development. They create databases, libraries, and the logic of an application. 

You can also hire a full-stack developer. This refers to a developer that knows both ends of the website. They know different program languages as well as the framework. If you need work on both ends of your website, instead of hiring two different developers, you can just hire one instead. If you are working on a new website, you can benefit from hiring a full-stack developer because they can help you with the different aspects of the website. 

You may be deciding between a freelance or full-time developer. To determine the right one for your needs, you may have to decide based on the size, complexity, and duration of your project. If you have a simple project that needs to be worked on, you can go for a freelance website developer. However, if you need regular maintenance for your website, an agency like Agile Development can help. Hiring an agency to work on your website can help it run smoothly and it is a more cost-effective option than hiring different developers. 

You may be wondering where you can hire a developer. Thanks to advanced technology, you can easily search online if you need a web developer to work on your website. There are plenty of developers online; you can find an agency that can provide all your website needs. If you need help with web design, web development, SEO, etc., then an agency like Agile Development can provide you with that help. 

How much do a web developer’s services cost? 

The price range may vary, depending on what you need. For example, if you need a project done on a monthly basis, or a one-time project, you will need to come up with a budget to cover the scope of the project. By doing so, you are able to let the developer know what kind of project you need help with, which allows you to narrow down your options. This also helps you find the right developer for your specific needs and budget.  Freelancers normally charge per hour or per project, while others may charge a day rate. So make sure to choose one that will be beneficial to you. Most of the time, hiring an agency can help you save a lot of money because they can provide a wide range of services that you will need for your website. 

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What are the different qualities to look for in a web developer?

When hiring a web developer to work on your website, you must take your time to find the right one that will suit your needs. Of course, you must find someone who will be willing to work within your budget, but they must also know and understand your vision for the website so that they can help you implement them accordingly. Here are some of the important qualities to search for in a web developer.

  • Technical requirements – The web developer must know the programming language and necessary applications. For example, if the website developer is a front-end developer they should know CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and frameworks like Bootcamp and jQuery. 

Back-end website developers are typically knowledgeable in PHP, Python, Ruby, etc. You may also search for a developer that specializes in a specific programming language that you need for your website. You may also search for an App developer, WordPress developer, Shopify developer, or a mobile developer. 

  • Response time – You must pay attention to how fast they respond to you when you first reach out to them so you can discuss and negotiate all the important details about the project. They must respond within a reasonable timeframe.
  • Communication skills – A website developer must be a clear communicator. They must understand what you want and they will clarify and confirm all the important details as required. This saves a lot of time and energy in the progression of the project.

They must be direct and professional when dealing with their clients and will help manage your expectations from them and the project at hand. They must be transparent about prices, timelines, and any other issues that can occur. They must let you know what they need from you before they start the job as well as be flexible and be willing to listen to your concerns and follow your preferences accordingly. They will help you with your project so that it will run smoothly and you can avoid any miscommunication that can occur throughout the duration of the project. 

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  • Experience – The more experience the developer has, the more efficient they will be at their work. You must not only focus on their years of experience, but you must also check the type of projects that they have previously worked on and the type of companies they have worked with. You must ask them if they have previously worked on similar projects so that you can ask them to let you see the final output of that project before you push through with the project.
  • Previous work – You can ask the web developer about their previous jobs so you can have an idea of their skills. You can also ask them about their portfolio and see samples for similar projects so you can check if they are a perfect fit for you. If they will allow you, you can also ask questions about their previous projects.
  • Customer feedback, ratings, reviews, and testimonials – You can check the customer or client’s feedback regarding the project that the web developer has worked on. You can ask them for character references like a client they previously worked with. You can also ask them for feedback or reviews about the project so that you can have an idea of how they work on the projects that they handle as well as their communication styles.

Check out the minimum required skill sets of a web developer:

  • CMS Focus – The website must be built with a content management system in mind. You can use this software to update your website easier and faster. Examples of popular CMS are Joomla and WordPress. 
  • CSS Expert – The web developer must be knowledgeable of CSS. It is a style sheet language used for the layout and styles of a website.
  • Logical – The web developer must know how to analyze. 
  • Organized – The web developer must be knowledgeable about the different coding standards.
  • Technical – The web developer must be knowledgeable in programming languages like HTML, JavaScript, and PHP.
  • Up-to-date: The web developer must be updated with the latest technology.

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