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A website is a valuable asset for businesses and other endeavors in today’s digital world. It does not only help small and large companies to promote and sell products, but it also gives them an advantage over their competitors.

But business owners should keep in mind that building a website is no easy task. Just like designing a brick-and-mortar store, you pour your mind out to achieve a structure where your customers will feel at ease. It should be inviting enough so your customers will keep on coming back. You should then aim to build a website that your customers will love.

Let us first round up the fundamental reasons why a website is crucial for businesses:

To establish your company’s online presence

Over time, consumers have learned to make an informed decision before making a purchase. Their decision includes what to buy and where to buy from. Having a website gives you an edge over similar businesses that have none. Without an online presence, you risk losing a significant number of potential deals in the online marketplace.

To provide information about your company

Today, most people turn to the web for information. By establishing a good website, potential customers will easily find your business when they search from their computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Upon finding your website, customers get first-hand information about your company: location, products or services you’re offering, your processes, and others. With a website, you can “distribute flyers” to thousands all over the world, around the clock.

On your website, you have the power to introduce or present your company (or endeavor) the way you want your audience to know you. A website can give you the platform to make a lasting impression, so your visitors remember you, or, better yet, tell their friends about you.

To build your company’s credibility

In the eyes of consumers, a business with a website is more credible than the one with only a social media page. A well-designed, informative and updated website gives a positive impression that your company is more prominent and successful. It also strengthens your brand.

By sharing information about your history, the scope of work, affiliations, achievements, and testimonials, you give your visitors a view of your company as a whole. This information builds their trust and loyalty to patronize and even endorse your products.

To help market and sell your products

A website opens the doors to many different marketing strategies to help your business grow. It gives you a far more extensive reach than any platform of advertising. Since websites are available 24 hours a day, your existing and future customers can visit anytime to learn more about what you offer, updates, and announcements about your promotions, products, or services.

To find and grow your customer base

Websites help you reach potential customers and opportunities, making your business grow and expand. When they visit your site, you can gain their trust and patronage. By employing subscription forms and email marketing, you can easily get in touch with your customers to inform them of your promotions and product updates. Repeat purchases are then made.

Businesses are born to answer the need of the consumer. The customers are the reason businesses of any kind are thriving. Companies that recognize this carefully develop a plan to give back and improve their customer care services.

One way to take care of your customer is by building a website that they will love visiting, interfacing with, and using. If your business is in retail, your website or online shop should provide a wonderful experience for all your shoppers, whatever their background is.

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What customers love about a website

Fast loading

Speed matters when it comes to keeping your visitors on your website. A fast-loading site tells them that you are keen to do business with your customers. Your page should load within two seconds, or else you risk them leaving on the third second that it is still loading. By making sure that your site responds quickly, you provide prompt service.

Since more and more people are using their smartphones for personal and business purposes, ensure that your site looks good on both desktop and mobile. They don’t necessarily have to look the same in terms of layout. Make sure that both are loading fast and efficiently navigable. Keep in mind that speed can be directly proportional to your revenues.

Large concise headlines and white spaces

Use bold and brief headlines to give information upfront. Nothing beats opening a page and seeing the information that you need. Also, avoid putting clichés that may confuse your visitors. Go straight to the point. The visitors to your site will appreciate it.

On the other hand, white spaces have a lot to do with reading comprehension. If you want your visitors to understand the details you put on your website, then put a lot of white spaces, especially on text-heavy pages.

Best colors to use

Did you know that colors affect your website conversions? Carefully choose your website colors. Aim to achieve a balance between aesthetics and clarity. Utilize a palette that is compatible with your industry. Art websites may use more vibrant colors, while corporate sites may choose more neutral ones.

Remember that whatever stands out gets seen, and those that blend in get ignored. The most common choices of colors are red, orange, and green. But, as already mentioned, your color choices will depend on the ones that are appropriate for your industry and what your brand stands for.

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Useful content

Help your visitors make informed decisions by providing content relevant to the product or service you offer. If they don’t find it on your site, they might go elsewhere. It is essential to make your content well-written, relevant, and suitable for your target customers: the more in-depth information you can provide, the better.

Whether you put pictures or text, the key is to place content that grabs attention, delivers the information, and explains the details that your customers may need. Keep in mind that people visit your site because they are looking for information. Give it to them accordingly.  Anticipate possible questions they might have and readily give them the answers.

Easy navigability

The key is to make your website layout as simple as possible. Place clear directional cues throughout the site. Doing this makes it user-friendly, giving your visitors a pleasant experience interfacing with it.

Make your Call-To-Action (CTA) buttons visible and easy to locate. Most of the time, your visitors try to find what to do next. Making your CTA buttons pop against the background will help them decide what action to take next.

Testimonials and reviews

Use social proof to convince your visitors that they can trust you. One way to do this is to post customer testimonials and product reviews. When potential customers read the testimonials on your site, it helps them decide whether what you’re offering fits their needs.

Emotions are a substantial factor in making decisions since it also engages the power of story-telling. Testimonials and reviews from real people elicit an emotional connection from your visitors. If you have good testimonials and reviews, make sure that your visitors see them.  In return, you gain the trust and loyalty of potential customers.

Contact page

Complete the information on your website by including a contact page. You may have a telephone number, a live chat option, a contact email address, or a user forum. Not only does it add credibility to your site, but it also gives your visitors the channel to seek more information about your company. The more ways you give them to contact you, the better.

Feedback is vital as you can learn a lot from it. Turn the negatives into positives by finding solutions to fixing reported problems. By making your contact page easy to locate, you are also opening your business for feedback.

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