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Custom Website Title Tag Optimization for Improved SEO

If you are a business owner, then one of the things that you need to focus on is how you can attract more people to your website. Regardless of what the goal of your website is, whether you want them to see the products that you are offering online or to generate more user signups on your site, it is always important to ensure that your website does not only look good, but it should also be SEO friendly.

The problem is that one cannot exist without the other. So if you want to invest in web design just to make your business look amazing, then your traffic could suffer. This is due to the coding that is used in the website design. It is not frequently optimized so it can’t bring more traffic to your website, which is where good SEO implementation comes in.

Is Website Design Just as Important as SEO?

So, your website looks incredible, which can make your business look professional as well. As a result, your visitors will be greatly impressed. If you put more time, money, and effort into your website, then it only shows that you care a lot about what your customers will think. At the same time, you also care a lot about your customers.

This is what most people want, especially since they are spending their money on your site. Nevertheless, due to the coding and lack of optimization, you are going to have an incredible website, but unfortunately, nobody will appreciate it.
Another benefit of having a good website design is that your visitors are more inclined to stay around on your site. Also known as dwell time, this is important since it reflects your bounce rates.

Be sure that your website design company can help you in accelerating the amount of time that your visitors will dwell on your page. If you think about it, then most likely, you will want to spend more time on a website that looks beautiful, right? However, you need to have a strong balance of the two for your website to see success. You should also pay more attention to the coding that is used in the site design and incorporate keywords that can help in boosting SEO as well.

Should You Rely More on SEO Rather Than in Design?

If you place more importance on your SEO, then you are going to achieve a better flow of traffic and will watch your site metrics grow. But people will also make a decision based on how visually pleasing and easy-to-use your website is, so if your website does not meet their expectations, then your conversion rates will drop. it is less likely that people will stay around on a website that does not look nice.

So, how can this issue be resolved so that your business will not suffer? Here are some tips on how to make SEO and web design work together so that you and your company can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Custom Website Meta Description Optimization for Better CTR

Optimize the Content on Your Website

When it comes to SEO, the content that you are going to publish on your site will make a huge difference. If you are not quite familiar with the ins and outs of SEO, then there are simple things that you need to consider that can help you in optimizing the content that is found on your website so you can likely rank higher on search engines, making it easier for users to find your site.

When you are creating content, it is very important to consider what you will search for if you want people to land on your page. For instance, if you are writing content on how you can market your business effectively, then you should be searching for the best marketing strategies for business. You can use these keywords and phrases and incorporate them into your content.

Although these keywords can be used in the title, you should also make sure to use them in the subheadings as well, as it can make a big difference. As much as possible, you should avoid having a large amount of content without using any subheadings because people are less likely to be interested in reading them.

The key to using keywords in your content is balance. You should not be stuffing your content with keywords and you should make sure to put enough keywords in your content that search engines can pick up on it. If you are using the WordPress platform, then the Yoast plugin can be very helpful when it comes to SEO. Optimizing the content on your website can help in boosting your traffic, allowing you to spend more time concentrating on your design.

Make Sure That Your Website is Mobile Friendly

Not making their website mobile-friendly is one of the biggest mistakes that most business owners make.

Expert 404 Error Page Design and Optimization Services

Are you aware that nowadays, most traffic comes from mobile or handheld devices? This is the reason why it is important to make sure that your website is mobile-friendly. Even if your website has high traffic rates, it isn’t going to reflect in your conversions and other site metrics if your website’s design is not optimized for mobile. You have less of a chance of getting the sale that you are looking for since most people will look for a website that can provide them with everything that they are looking for. Therefore, you have to check if your website is mobile-friendly or not.’

How Does it Work Together?

Did you recall the bounce rates that we’ve mentioned before? If your website is designed properly and you have taken care of your site’s SEO, then you can expect your bounce rates to get better, and as a result, Google will be happy. The better the ranking of your website with Google, the higher it gets to be displayed on their search engine results pages (SERPs).

While it can be a bit complicated to get into the small details of making a good website, this is significant for your business. Here is a simpler way of looking at things so that you will understand the importance of making SEO and web design work together:

With good SEO, you can drive more traffic to your website, which can result in more sales. Having an excellent web design can generate longer dwelling times and great bounce rates, which can lead to a better search engine rank.

From what you have seen here, both SEO and web design work well together. Also, if you implement these tips that we have given then you should see some improvement in your sales and site metrics, and you have a well-designed website to boot.

Ways to Make SEO And Web Design Work Together

When designing your website, it is important to remind yourself of these pointers then you will see that your content will rank higher. If you want to improve the performance of your website, then there are several factors that you have to work on.

In digital marketing, we tend to focus our attention on one or two significant factors while ignoring other things that are equally important as well. If you want to perform better in SERPs, then you should know that it takes more than just SEO. It is also important to have a good website design. Most people don’t realize that SEO and web design should work together. Their components should blend well together. So, what are these elements that SEO and web design should be used for?

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Those who are familiar with web design or SEO should already know by now the importance of having a mobile-friendly website. The fact is, if you have not spent enough time doing it, then you are already a few years behind. In 2015, mobile-friendliness is considered by Google as an essential ranking factor. Think about it, this was already implemented half a decade ago.

In 2017, Google launched mobile-first indexing, so it is quite evident that Google views mobile-friendliness seriously, yet a lot of websites are still not aware of this. It seems that the number of people searching on desktops has declined while the number of people searching on mobile devices has gone up. More than 50% of all web traffic comes from mobile devices. In other words, more than 50% of your audience also comes from mobile phones. If your website has a high bounce rate because it is not loading properly on mobile devices, then your rankings on Google will definitely go down.

Easy-to-Read Design

If you want to improve your SEO, then you should spend a lot of time on your content. Some people fail to realize that the design and layout of their website has a huge impact on their content. With a poor website design, it will be impossible for your audience to read what they actually came to your website to do.

You have been trying to bring people into your site, but unfortunately, they will leave if your pages are not designed properly. One example of this is if you put large blocks of content in various places with a lot of unnecessary hyperlinks. Also, if your audience can’t get the information that they need, then what would be the point? At some point, you may have visited a website where it is impossible to read the text because of its page design.

For instance, the light-colored text was placed on a white background, or dark-colored text is placed on a black background. But most often, the problem is not always the color itself. Maybe the size of the text is too small, or too large, or a hard-to-read font is used in writing the text.

Just like websites that are not mobile-friendly, websites that are hard to read on a desktop or any device can also make visitors go away. When creating websites, web designers should always think about how the user will take in their content. Line length, white space, as well as any additional elements such as images can greatly affect how visitors will pay attention to your website. In addition to important factors like this, you should also consider those people with disabilities.


SEO is best executed when combined with good web design. You don’t need to worry since improving your web design does not have to be difficult. All you have to do is get in touch with Agile Development. We can help in creating your website to make it successful. For more information, contact us at (385) 685-0642 or send us a message at We look forward to working with you soon!