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Storm Hold


The Client

Storm Hold is a site we are currently producing. It has been a blast to work with the Storm Hold getting their site up and running. Storm Hold is for businesses that are in financial trouble and they specialize in helping those businesses with an exit strategy that protects both the company and their clients.

Design, Development, SEO

Storm Hold


Brand Strategy



What They Do

We will consult with you on options, legal obligations, tax implications, and more. We can advise you on the differences between Bankruptcy, Receivership, Forced Liquidation, Voluntary Dissolution, Assignment for Creditors, Elective Reorganization, and more. We can negotiate with your vendors & suppliers, employees, lessors, and more. We are not attorneys or legal counsel – and recommend you seek legal counsel. In certain cases we can recommend legal counsel to you and we may require legal counsel as well. We can assist with auditing records, planning, training key employees, interviewing employees and making recommendations. In no way can we guarantee or represent the results of our advise – whether followed or not. Disclosures made to Storm Hold representatives may not be protected as privileged communications.

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Storm Hold

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