Pro Dance Co.


The Client

Pro Dance Co is a professional dance team and agency based in Utah. Every member of their team is a former NBA/NFL dancer and was hand-selected to be a part of their elite team.

They love what they do and would love even more for you to be a part of it! Whether it’s choreography, performances, modeling, or fitness–they want to serve you! Contact them today for collaborations and bookings.

Check out the Pro Dance Co. site here.

Design, Development, SEO

Pro Dance Co.


Brand Strategy



Getting Started

Pro Dance Co. reached out to Agile Development for the design and development of their website. Pro Dance Co. wanted to have a site to showcase their services.

Part of the requirements for the project was to create a custom gallery that would showcase each of the dancer’s abilities. We found and implemented the gallery and we are pleased with how the gallery turned out.

Agile Development had a blast working on this project and the feedback from the Pro Dance Co. team was always easy to understand and in all the project went very smooth.

Pro Dance Co

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