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Party Snow


The Client

Party Snow is an amazing product that feels just like real snow. It is made of a polymer and is non-toxic.
Creating this site was a pretty fun experience.

Being able to create this brand from scratch and successfully market it to consumers was a big learning experience. We still play with the snow from time to time.


Ecommerce, Design, Development

Party Snow


Brand Strategy



How Does It Work?

The secret is Party Snow’s special mix for creating an Instant Snow Blizzard! Our powder uses a special polymer that has been formulated to expand up to 100-times its size (like millions of tiny sponges). More importantly Party Snow™ is completely safe, non-toxic and instantly creates a pile of soft, fluffy snow just by adding water! Our product is used on movie sets, indoor ski resorts and on Broadway to create snow that feels so real – but is so easy to clean up!

See their site here Party Snow.

Party Snow

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