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Mountain West Mason Bees


The Client

They are a couple of outdoor enthusiast with a desire for playing in the mountains. A few years ago they discovered a hobby that provided more reason for them to enjoy their passion of the outdoors. Since that time, their fun has turned into a business that benefits others. So here they are with a website and a phone, providing mason bee cocoons and nesting material to those with interest in the pollination world. Their goal is to provide products with honesty and integrity. They will be adding information to their website as they progress, so check for their updates periodically.


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Mountain West Mason Bees


Brand Strategy



Getting Started

Mason bees play an integral role in pollination of our natural environment. When used properly, mason bees can provide a sustainable alternative to pollinating residential gardens and commercial crops. They take pride in their work and wish to provide top quality products to their customers. They want their bees to work for the customers.

See their site hereĀ

Mountain West Mason Bees

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