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Jake Ackerman


The Client

Jake is an Entrepreneur and loves creating businesses.

From Jake: What I love about creating brands is that they evoke measurable responses – and didn’t exist the moment before you created them. One of the most amazing hidden secrets in business is written on your T-shirt. The swoosh on your sneakers speaks to you or the world…


Design, Development, SEO



Brand Strategy



Getting Started

In 1999 I returned from Germany to a new world. People had cell phones, were sending text messages. There were a cadre of companies I had never heard of – like Yahoo and Google. I remember sitting in the library on a college campus and thinking “Yahoo? Google? I want a name like that!” Without knowing how I bought the domain name “” within the hour. A short time later I sold the name for around $10,000. I was hooked!

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Jake Ackerman

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