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Managing the transition from entrepreneur to business owner can be the difference between success and failure. There is a world of difference between starting a business from scratch and growing an existing operation. Small-business owners must switch gears as they take on business acquisitions, marketing, branding, financial management, and other duties. A big challenge is realizing that your responsibilities now apply around the clock versus 40 hours a week. With so much to do when running a business, it’s easy to get lost in the small details and lose sight of the real goals of your company. The ability to delegate is essential for long-term success. Insufficient time for strategic thinking is directly related to many business owners’ inability to delegate tasks. In the startup phase, most entrepreneurs handle everything on their own. Transitioning from the do-it-yourself mindset can be difficult. For this reason, we are proud to bring you divvi. divvi is here for all of your business procurement needs.


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divvi was founded to make business management simple and painless. We can conveniently provide help to ensure your business’s ongoing success. Our mission is to empower our business owners to confidently run their business. You can be confident knowing you will have the expertise to find and provide the best terms for virtually all major investments and decisions the business owner needs to make.

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