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The Client

They are a new type of accounting firm, called a “tier 3” accounting firm. The Company are structured in a way that provides an audit team consisting entirely of senior level specialists, with no lower-level accountants. They accomplish this by fully embracing new technology, emphasizing the use of data aggregation tools, and collaborating remotely, which dramatically cuts down our costs. They cut out the corporate intermediary, and provide to you only the services you need. They focus entirely on quality of service, employing triple layer reviews for all important workpapers.

Ahzzma CPA focus on Tribal governmental auditing, and have experience in everything that comes with that – including consulting on financial policies, indirect cost rate proposal work, tribal enterprise auditing, single audit, and implementation of e-learning systems.

They are a 100% minority owned firm, and consider cultural understanding just as important as technical understanding. We know that behind the grants that we audit there are real people, and real issues.


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Ahzzma CPA


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Tribal Audit Specialists

We lead the way. We understand your business and we get things done. Tribes have been working with the same big corporate firms who come into the reservation, fail to understand the tribe’s needs or make meaningful connections.

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